You Might Have Noticed A Few Things Have Changed!

Stustainable Startups in Salt Lake City Utah

A Letter from Co-founder & President — Robert C. Bell

Dear Salt Lake startup community,

We started Sustainable Startups in 2013 as a community to grow and support entrepreneurs because we believed better people build better businesses and it all starts with start ups. 

We wanted to support the community in Salt Lake that was working on social, environmental, green, and clean technologies. While working with over 100 startups in the last four years, we’ve seen how much value this amazing community has created together.

From the day we started Sustainable Startups we set out to be a community of doers and change-makers. But over the last few years, our energy has increasingly been spent on being a landlord and collecting rent. This isn’t what we set out do.

Entrepreneurship Can Be Lonely, But It Doesn't Have To Be!

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Entrepreneurship 4 All

Entrepreneurship isn't just for high-growth tech startups. At Sustainable Startups we believe everyone should get to try. #sidehustle.

Online Community

Sustainable Startups community has gone digital so you can access members, tools, and resources anytime, anywhere.

Startup Incubator

Peer-to-Peer cohorts are a cornerstone of Sustainable Startups' community. Our next incubator cohort is right around the corner!

What Does It Mean to Be Sustainable?


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