1 Million Cups Presenter Highlight: Girl Genius Tutoring and Building Salt Lake

1 years ago


1 Million Cups is a free, weekly national program designed to educate, engage, and connect entrepreneurs. Developed by the Kauffman Foundation, 1MC is based on the notion that entrepreneurs discover solutions and network over a million cups of coffee. You can learn more hereSustainable Starups is proud to host the Salt Lake City Communty 1MC events every Wednesday morning at 9am.


Girl Genius Tutoring - Jen Lopez

Jen’s presentation was very focused and she came prepared with several specific questions she wanted to address.  She is the only member of her staff currently and her business is designed to tutor, educate, and inspire girls in STEM education.  A few of her main questions were how to raise the price point of her business, how to differentiate from other tutoring services, and how to grow her business.  The discussion from the audience took over at that point.  They talked about the possibility of using packages or bundles as a way to grow the business.  Jen was worried about the summer as kids are out of school, but this was seen as an opportunity for more business through boot camps or other summer activity.  Because it is marketed at young girls, it was proposed that Jen could hop on the Girl Scouts bandwagon to attract more clients.  It was also suggested to look at schools’ guidance counselors and charter schools as a way to find more customers.  Other partnerships with tech companies could be explored as well, including sponsorships that could lead to a scholarship program.  She is not formally capturing data but it was strongly recommended that she begin doing so in order to have legitimate information for customers to see exactly what the benefit would be, i.e. improved ACT scores by an average of 7 points.  One community member suggested that she is more than just a tutoring company and that she should strive to sell an experience that inspires and motivates in addition to just teaching and tutoring.  One radical idea was that she adopt an “ice cream truck model” where she could drive around from house to house in a cool van to generate publicity and popularity.  However she seemed to be looking to go in a different direction by hiring more tutors like herself which she could oversee.  A possible mentor program was proposed as well as the creation of youtube testimonials and lessons/tutorials.  



Building Salt Lake: Isaac Riddle

Isaac presented on his urban development news blog.  His site focuses on the unique niche of urban development and receives 2100 unique visitors per week.  He uses social media sites to spread the word and his readers are mainly 20-30 year olds in the city.  Developers and government officials also use his site because it has the most up to date and informative pieces about urban development in the city.  He has hit sort of a stand still as it is just himself without other employees.  The discussion shifted to the possibility of syndication with major news companies like the Salt Lake Tribune, FOX, KSL, etc. and sell per article or partner with them.  He could also bring in newer followers by podcasting, videos, etc.  The topic of adding a subscription fee was also discussed, and at this point Isaac does not want to pursue that.  They also discussed the idea of sponsored articles, though Isaac was a bit wary of that as he felt it undermined the purpose of his writing.  

Website: http://www.buildingsaltlake.com/



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