1 Million Cups Presenter Highlight: Kelvin Kids & Nebucore

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1 years ago

1 Million Cups is a free, weekly national program designed to educate, engage, and connect entrepreneurs. Developed by the Kauffman Foundation, 1MC is based on the notion that entrepreneurs discover solutions and network over a million cups of coffee. You can learn more here. Sustainable Starups is proud to host the Salt Lake City Communty 1MC events every Wednesday morning at 9am.


Kelvin Kids - Tyler Young



Tyler Young presented the company Kelvin Kids which focuses on educating kids in the STEM fields outside of the classroom. They do this by sending out weekly letters that teach STEM through the adventures of Simon and Sarah, as well as including easy to do DIY experiments that can be done with household items. Parents are also able to receive an email in addition to the weekly letter. The inspiration behind this idea came from the statistic showing that 75% of Nobel Science winners got their interest in science outside of the classroom. By involving children at such an early age, their interest will grow from a young age. The discussion focused on an emotional vs. a scientific approach. Should Kelvin Kids advertise more towards STEM education, or the parent-child bonding that comes from the letter and experiments? Our community members thought it would be better to market the bonding, because it is easy to find STEM related exercises for children online for free. Adding testimonials with photos, and creating a call to action for parents to get this exciting product for their children were other suggestions. Although advertising toward STEM Education reaches a large audience, advertising toward parent-child bonding reaches a much broader audience.


Website: kelvinkids.com


Nebucore - Toby



Toby presented the company Nebucore, which provides calendars, inventory software, purchasing software and other business tools in one place rather than having them on many different softwares. The discussion focused on the concern of how to reach the right customers, as they weren’t getting the sales they wanted to. The community suggested they firstly find sales/developmental people who already knew the field pretty well and could aid them in finding potential customers. The next thing the community was suggested was for them to market their company with a problem - solution type plan. At the end, they mentioned that their ultimate goal was to get bought by a larger company, which made the community give them the advice to think if their actions were working towards their goal. Why search for customers if you just want to get bought? With this in mind, our community advised them to get together an advisory board with individuals who are familiar with the process of getting a company purchased to aid them in their ultimate goal.


Website: nebucore.com


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