Member Spotlight: Flickola

1 years ago


Jessica Ohlen



Who are you?

I was born and raised in a small village in the north of Sweden. When I was 19 years old I decided that travel was going to be my passion in life. Since then I have visited many amazing places and lived abroad for about 10 years. When I moved to Salt Lake City, a few months ago, I felt the need to be flexible, free and I also wanted to challenge myself. Starting my online store has been exactly what I needed.


What are you working on?

I am launching an online store called Flickola, which offers personalized baby gift boxes filled with reliable products for expecting parents.


How did you start to establish your idea?

Utah has a very high birth rate and baby showers are popular here. I had previously worked for an online gift service in Spain and thought that if I adapted the idea and focused on packaging reliable products, it could work well here.


What about entrepreneurship interests you?

Having family in Europe, I need a profession that allows me to be flexible and work from anywhere and being an entrepreneur means a lot of freedom. I also love how challenging entrepreneurship is. There is no manual, no one is telling you what to do and so you really have to motivate yourself and have an internal pep talk every day. I have become a much stronger person because of it. Being your own boss is very hard work, but to me, it is so rewarding to feel like I have accomplished something on my own.


Why did you come to Sustainable Startups? What has been your greatest take away from being in the Sustainable Startup cohort course thus far? 

I was initially looking for a co-sharing space to get out of the house and came across the Sustainable Startups cohort. It has been so good for me to meet with people who are in the same situation and are going through the same things. The cohort has also taught me how important it is to talk to people about my idea and actually listen to their feedback and be ready to make changes. 


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