Member Spotlight: Hayduke Hardware

1 years ago

Hayduke Hardware




Who are you?

I am Sugar, a craftsman by trade and a cyclist by heart.  I started Hayduke Hardware in order to make gear that will last and look good at the same time. I love riding my bike and think that more people should. I make my bags so people have fewer excuses to take a car to the grocery store or to a friends BBQ.


What are you working on?

I am working on Hayduke Hardware, custom bags and accessories for Bikepackers and commuters.


How did you start to establish your idea?

Started as a hobby where I made myself a bag I wanted since there was nothing on the market that fit my needs. Some people saw what I was doing and asked if they could purchase one. I started getting more and more people asking and thought I should make a living doing it.


What about entrepreneurship interests you?

Being my own boss and bringing craftsmanship to a local market. Also being able to make my ideas into a reality and finding others who share my passions along the way.


Why did you come to Sustainable Startups? What has been your greatest take away from being in the Sustainable Startup cohort course thus far? 

I heard what Sustainable Startups had to offer and thought I would take advantage of some knowledge I did not possess.

Management reports have been amazing for me. I am horrible with organization and schedule making. Management reports have been the motivation for me when I don’t know what to do. Also JB’s clinic was a real big help.

JB Henrickson, a partner at Advanced CFO Solutions, ran a workshop called Business Structures and Financial Implications on Feb. 29th 2016. This workshop focused on different organizational structures and their financial benefits and costs.  JB is fantastic and very well connected in the local financial/investment world. 


Interested?! Check out the website: