Member Spotlight: Resort Rideshare

1 years ago

Resort Rideshare

Garrett Cross



Who are you? 

I moved to Utah to do all that the outdoors has to offer, taking advantage of Salt Lake City’s proximity to skiing, backpacking, hiking, camping, and climbing. Now I nearly could be considered a local, living the last five years in Salt Lake City.

The last several years I have spent in the hotel and travel industry, only recently taking a hiatus to work on personal projects. I try to balance time as much as I can between working, getting outdoors, community, music, and church.


What are you working on?

I am developing a carpooling system to get skiers and snowboarders up to nearby resorts to reduce traffic, parking issues, and emissions. Resort Rideshare partners with ski resorts and environmental projects to provide a community of people who can coordinate rides based on location and schedules.

Utah had the best snow in recent years, and though that is great for skiers it creates its own problems. Traffic and emissions has increased due to more people getting to the mountains to take advantage of the snowfall. By creating a carpool system, we can alleviate both of these issues for the betterment of Utah’s environment.


How did you start to establish your idea?

I moved out to Utah several years ago, and struggled to find a reliable way to get to the ski resorts. Either I had a vehicle that could make the trip but consumed too much gas, or I had a vehicle that was not suited to make it up the mountains. The bus system doesn’t run frequently enough to make it convenient, and parking and traffic up the canyons continues to get worse every year. I decided to put together a system that enables more people to get to the mountains, while benefiting ski resorts and environmental programs.


What about entrepreneurship interests you?

I left my last job because of the corporate influence on a local level. There was a change that I wanted to initiate, and corporate oversight often doesn’t allow for progress in the way that you want to create it. Entrepreneurship allows you to create something that solves an issue in a direct manner, and do so in a creative way. The challenges continue to mount as the project grows, and since I am not in the shelter of an established organization, I love the ability to learn exponentially.


Why did you come to Sustainable Startups? What has been your greatest take away from being in the Sustainable Startup cohort course? 

Accountability is huge in entrepreneurship. A common issue that I share with many of the other Sustainable Startup cohorts is that entrepreneurship is a lonely business at times. By fostering a community that supports and mentors each other, I am both more productive and motivated to complete tasks.


The weeks spent within the cohort were invaluable. The Sustainable Startups team removed so many menial tasks that I viewed as essential, and focused instead on what work will create the greatest results. Instead of hypothesizing what will be the best method, test and validate ideas that refine what model will function best.


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