Member Spotlight: Stromma

1 years ago


Carissa Dahl




Who are you? Why are you really doing what you’re doing?

I grew up in Park City. Expectedly, I love the outdoors. I enjoy doing anything active, especially skiing. I decided I wanted to go to fashion design school and ended up in New York at Marist College. There I focused on designing activewear for women. After graduating from school I decided that designing great clothing for ‘the man’ was not going to work for me, so I started Stromma and started designing my own line!


What are you working on?

I am working on designing a women’s activewear line and starting with accessories.  I’m making a line of bags, so there is a bag for every active/outdoor occasion!  I am doing a kickstarter in March, so I am working on all the prep work to make that a bang. Overall, I am building the Stromma brand!


How did you start to establish your idea?   

The year after I graduated from college my friend and I got together at the skiing World Cup in Vail, Colorado and thought that there was a gap in the women’s activewear market for vibrant, technical pieces. After some time on the drawing board I came up with the ‘POP’ skirt.  The ‘POP’ skirt is a wrap-around skirt made of technical fabric that is sublimated with designs I create on Photoshop.  We made it to be very functional so that women can wear it when they run, post-bike ride, to-and-from the gym, and watersports like paddleboarding.  The ‘Pop’ skirt laid the foundation for the future products we are about to debut!


What about entrepreneurship interests you?
I really like the idea of being able to expand my creative skills and projects into a living thing.  I love being able to use the creative side of my brain in tandem with the analytical side.  It pushes me to keep improving and pushing myself.  


Why did you come to Sustainable Startups?

I wanted to be surrounded by people who were like minded, while getting a fresh perspective on being an entrepreneur. It’s a great environment to find camaraderie, support, and even to figure out that you need to kill an idea.  


Take away from Sustainable Startups?
The process of confirming that an idea is worthy of building a business for.  It’s important to take the time to figure out your market, get your market’s feedback, and be open to your idea being ‘killed’.  It’s made me aware that pivoting my initial idea is essential to allowing the idea to grow into a business.  Overall, being flexible to knowledge gained to improve my business.  

Talk about your Kickstarter! – When is it? – How to get involved, etc

The goal of my kickstarter is to gain enough capital to be able to produce enough product for several summer events and venues and to gain publicity. The kickstarter will start March 1st and run for 30 days. My target is goal is $5,000. If you want to support me and Stromma go to my website and enter your information and I will send you all the updates!  Thank you!