Because entrepreneurs are made not born.

The Entrepreneurship4All™ (E4All) Program teaches critical entrepreneurial skills including: resourcefulness; creative problem-solving; project management; and accountability to move participants into action and build the future they envision for themselves and their communities.


E4All requires no prerequisites, no specific knowledge or experience, not even a concrete business idea. It requires only an open mind and willingness to discover how being entrepreneurial can create meaningful outcomes.

How does it work?


    A three-hour event to help inspire
    people to pursue their ideas using
    the lens of entrepreneurship.


    A three-part workshop series
    helping entrepreneurs move their
    ideas forward and get into action.


    A 12-week program teaching
    participants how to turn their
    actions into outcomes.

Program Impact

The program was launched by Sustainable Startups in Salt Lake City in 2013, and has since expanded to 16 communities across the U.S. The program works best in emerging entrepreneurial ecosystems where a wealth of raw talent exists, but formal structures and programs are still needed to activate and train that talent.

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