Testing Your Business

Need a startup idea? Already have an idea and not sure what to do next?

Either way, this is the place for you to start.

Starting Your Business

Right. Testing is done and it looks like you might have a business. AWESOME. ...what now?

No worries. From the 'boring administration stuff' of starting a business to taking care of yourself, we've got you covered.

Running Your Business

Oh dang. The business is actually formed and ready to get going. ...or perhaps your startup has been running for awhile and is ready for growth.

This is the section for you in either instance.

In Danger of Entrepreneuring

Thinking of starting a business, but not really sure what that entails? Start here.

Idea Validation

So you have what you think is a great idea for a business. Excellent. Time to see if it really is a good idea: get to testing. Not sure how? This module's got you covered.

MOKRs and Management Reports (Coming Soon)

All right! Your idea survived the initial rounds of testing. Time to get organized, and MOKRs & Management Reports are just the tools for the job... once this module is live, that is.

Administering a Business

All right. Testing is done, and you're ready to form your startup into an actual, legal-with-paperwork business. How exactly does that work, you ask? Look no further than this section.

Free Business Resources

Are you broke as a joke but still need tools for your business? We've scoured the internets for excellent deals (read: free) on tools you can start using in your startup right now!

Emotional Health

Running a startup is hard. It's late nights, constant worry about the success of the business, and a feeling of isolation. We're here for you. This module is about not forgetting to take care of number one: yourself. If you can't function, how can your startup?


Clients. Customers. Users. Whatever you or your industry calls them, it all comes down to them buying your product or service. This module is all about securing and growing your sales.

Marketing (Coming Soon)

You want people to know about your startup, right? That's how you get new clients, after all. That's where marketing comes in. From PR stunts to AdWords and in-person appearances, it's all about getting the word out about your business and what it does. This module will help you get that done.


Outside money, or funding can come from a variety of sources: friends, banks, even venture capital firms. It can also take a variety of forms: loans, SAFEs, straight equity, convertible notes... the list goes on. If you're a bit dizzy from all that, relax. This module will have the downlow for you.

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