Sustainable Startups Fall/Winter Cohort

What is it? An early-stage entrepreneur incubator that leverages business ideas as a vehicle for entrepreneurial growth. Participants create 90-day plans (MOKRs), then meet weekly to help each other make progress, solve problems, and share resources.

Who is it for? The program is for early-stage entrepreneurs with concepts needing validation, and especially entrepreneurs who have less access to resources.

How does it work? We have combined parts of the MOKR model (see more here) with Lean Startup methodologies, actionable business workshops, and the incorporation of social and/or values-based thinking.

Ready to Apply?

We are excited to learn more about you and your startup. Answer a few questions in our application and we can get started together!

Weekly Meeting

Peer-to-Peer meeting to improve strategy and execution.

Topical Workshops

Marketing and sales, finances and fundraising, high-performance teams, and many others.

Peer Mentorship

Mentorship comes in the form of peer-driven network effect and is a powerful tool.

Learn To Connect

Community "pitch" events help you refine how you frame your idea and tell your story.

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The Cohort Runs on MOKRs

MOKR stands for Mission, Objectives and Key Results. The MOKR framework is a proven way to create a roadmap for you and your business to live into to the future you see for yourself. At Sustainable Startups we use MOKRs both within our business, and also within our personal lives. This framework is powerful and it can be used to help you produce almost any outcome, business, personal, or otherwise.

The MOKR cycle is based on OKR framework developed at Intel and popularized by John Doerr. MOKRs operate well on a 90-day cycle. This is long enough to make some major progress on a project, but short enough that the steps to completing the goal should be clear.

As part of the cohort you will go through one cycle of the MOKR process start to finish.

  1. Draft a Company MOKR
  2. Finalize Company MOKR
  3. Draft / Build Key Indicators section (Scoreboard)
  4. Draft Weekly or Bi-Weekly Management Report (MR)
  5. Review and comment on MRs
  6. Once a month check-in on how the MRs are impacting the MOKR progress
  7. Score MOKRs and make note of key learnings
  8. Put together a Project Review to share your progress with the team and/or advisors
  9. Repeat process applying the key learnings to next iteration cycle and draft next MOKR

Ready to be part of a peer-driven incubator cohort?

We are excited to learn more about you and your startup. Answer a few questions in our application and we can get started together!