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 Step 2:  Fill out a MOKR document, and email it to: 
 What is a MOKR document you ask?  Get directions and see an example.


Next Cohort Starts: Spring 2017



  • 12 week cohort style program. 
  • Peer and Professional Mentorship
  • Lean Startup Training 
  • Learn tools and processes to increase your entrepreneurial efficiency, effectiveness and accountability. 
  • Incorporate triple bottom-line values into your business model, and build something that has real, lasting impact.


  • Anyone from any background is welcome to apply. You don't need a business degree, loads of experience, or fancy software skills to be a great entrepreneur. All you need is an idea, coachability, drive and a willingness to get out of your element and ask the right questions.
  • For-profit, non-profit and hybrid concepts are all welcome to apply.
  • We give no preference to industry, take no equity and give no funding. Our incubator is about supporting and educating driven people wanting to change the world through entrepreneurship. 
  • Participants are welcome to work on multiple concepts simultaneously and iterate as they learn throughout the program. 


  • Salt Lake needs more entrepreneurs working to solve substantive problems. 
  • Prove your concept with minimal resources and budget.
  • Become more effective in your work, prioritize and move bigger needles. 
  • Entrepreneurship can be lonely. Join a communit of peer entrepreneurs and become more accountable to yourself and others.