1 million cups Salt Lake City Utah

1Million Cups in Salt Lake City

1Million Cups or as we like to call it, 1MC is held every Friday at 9 A.M. We like to call it the AA meeting for entrepreneurs. The idea is pretty simple, get people with an entrepreneurial mindset together and offer them coffee then sit back and see what happens. Of course there is a little bit more structure than that. On a typical Wednesday morning we will have two presenters. They each have thirty minutes and that time is normally broken down with 10 minutes to present their idea and then 20 minutes for the audience to ask and dive deep into the presenter's business.


Startups In Salt Lake City

1Million Cups is an extremely friendly environment and it is a great way to meet others with an entrepreneurial mindset. We designed the space to be warm and have an organic core. It was our hopes that the space would inspire growth of businesses and the people running them. If you haven't been to one of our event for entrepreneurs yet, we encourage you to start here. Come see and meet new people who are running businesses just like yours. And if you feel up to it, apply to present. We would love to see what you have been up to. You can find an application here.


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